The Intellectual Property creators of the new concept behind an exciting range of smart LED lighting products featuring unique grid-sensing technology to provide retrofit emergency functionality.

Litonics has been working with a major player in the lighting industry, who in partnership with several multi-national manufacturers, has been developing a range of high quality LED products incorporating our technology set to dominate both domestic and commercial sectors, due to be launched in early 2017.

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Incorporated in early 2010 as a spin-off company within the CEL Holdings Limited group, the concept behind Litonics technology was established during a ‘Eureka’ moment in 2006 by inventor and electronics graduate Nick Williams, Senior Engineer at sister company Clayton Engineering Limited, a specialist engineering firm established in 1973.


The technology is of particular relevance to the control of solid-state lamps and luminares, offering numerous user and environmental advantages through its deployment in both domestic and commercial lighting sectors, as well as opening interesting new possibilities through retrofit and emergency illumination features. One fundamental aspect of the technology allows lighting products to be controlled by conventional switchgear regardless of whether the mains power supply is present, through use of impedance sensing.

Working with original members of the Clayton Engineering team behind the project's conception back in 2007, Litonics has been systematically researching and developing the technology to a pre-production stage, and has manufactured prototype units in a variety of forms for demonstration and testing purposes, incorporating a number of exciting additional features. Litonics has received much technical and commercial guidance from the UK Lighting Industry Association of which it is a member.

In parallel with the research and development programme, a close team has identified and protected resultant intellectual property through filing a range of patent applications. Our patents include: 

GB 2447495

GB 2483113

GB 2489505 

GB 2489538

GB 2489514

GB 2489513

GB 2501770

EP 2609363








The Lighting Association

The Lighting Association has been around since the 1930’s, at the fore front of the industry adapting and developing to meet members needs.With 70 years experience and over 180 members, they are the largest Lighting Trade Association in Europe.